His Car Stopped Working and I Laughed

Somedays some strange things happen, stranger when that strange thing repeats to forms a seemingly even stranger pattern. Most strange when that pattern keeps reiterating and reinforcing the strangest part of all… oddly placed, curiously punctuating laughter.

The novelty newness of 2018 and the frequent surety with which “Happy New Year!” is expressed gradually fades into either “enough of that” indifference and inward eye rolls; or to slightly furrowed eyebrows and mentally cross-referencing prior interactions for the year with refusal to yet let it go. Admittedly, I am still situation-ally towing both lines the litmus more so based on extrasensory premonitions of perceived reaction – cheering up or cheerful, preferably witty, dialogue – whether friend, mild acquaintance or pleasant enough stranger. A Mr. Tall, Dark and Smiling qualified the latter two and sure enough a mostly cheerful exchange ensues slightly dampened by the often impossible inquiry, “So, how have you been?”

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Free Earth and LOA (pt. 1)

With stardust in our bones, from birth, just by existing we are provided with the priceless irreplaceable – oxygen, all manner of water, sunlight, constellations, rich earth, each other. Yet we fight and struggle for the priced while eroding and sabotaging our continuous access to the priceless. The most costly things are mandmade cheap and the daily fight for the holy grails of life is always ultimately for what are already free – time, choice, dominion.

However our internal environment, everything resets in time. Careful construct to obliteration and erosion; and despair and desperation into phoenix courage and embers of hope. Mindfulness is what keeps balance so time remains fluid simultaneously in either direction like ebbing tides.

To be continued…

Smile Awhile

My smile, seems to be my best and most signature feature if I am to go by what I am told, with words anyway. #MeToo

The occasional storm hidden above in my eyes tend to be only spotted by the discerning with full mask engaged. Makes me wonder can a mind snap like a twig but no one see it happen right in front their eyes? Can life just saw through your resolve like a chainsaw to a sapling while would be witnesses stay distracted by narcissistic self, caught up in life or simply fooled by siren lip gloss / lipstick / war paint and full natural / fixed / augmented / decorated grill bared?

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How I Learned to be Afraid of Men

How I Learned to be Afraid of Men

Please read. Please.


It starts with the warnings. I’m told that it’s dangerous at night. Don’t walk alone at night, don’t be on the sketchy side of town at night, don’t wear revealing clothing at night. Don’t talk on your cell phone when you’re walking home from the bus stop in the dark. It’ll distract you from potential attackers. No, wait. Do talk on your cell phone. It’ll make potential attackers think you have a boyfriend.

After the warnings, it’s the stories. Women I love slip frightening, barely disguised hints into stories about their pasts. Stories that happen at night. I never know the details, but I know I’m not allowed to tell anyone.

When I’m nineteen, I move to Vancouver. It seems gigantic and bustling compared to my little home town. My dad buys me a small canister of dog spray, makes me promise to keep it with me in the…

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